This is a recent mini-project that I produced on Saint Patrick's Day 2023. There's a possibility here for a wider project.
My favourite local Paddy's Day tradition is the climb up Croghan Hill. Every St. Patrick's Day, people from all around Offaly and Westmeath hike up this extinct volcano, a holy hill, which is surrounded by holy wells and ancient burial grounds. The hill has ties to St. Brigid and St. Patrick is said to have climbed it himself. The hill is historically fascinating and the pilgrimage up on Paddy's Day is always a great experience. You see people of all ages, families and groups of friends, all enjoying themselves and taking in the incredible views of the Midlands from the hill's peak. People bring their dogs, people fall, everyone gets mucky, it's a great time. The tradition has been happening for a very long time and it's great to see it still going strong!

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