The Derrygreenagh group of bogs straddles counties Kildare, Offaly and Westmeath in the midlands of Ireland. Development of these bogs began in 1952 and Bord Na Móna officially ended all peat harvesting in January 2021. 
At the heart of the Derrygreenagh works are the villages of Rhode and Rochfortbridge in Offaly and Westmeath respectively. These communities were built on and were heavily reliant on the peat industry. 
Bord na Móna have left a lasting impression on these villages and the surrounding landscapes. Remaining infrastructure is dotted in and around both villages and hints at the industrial past of the area. 
There is now new infrastructure in the area from Bord Na Móna’s “Brown To Green Strategy”. As climate change is becoming an increasingly worrying issue, the world is shifting away from fossil fuels such as turf and coal, towards renewable energy options such as solar power and wind power. Bord na Móna have been phasing out peat-related activities and are now focusing on sustainable energy amongst other activities.
These changes point towards an unknown future for the region and its people.
Derrygreenagh is an ongoing long term documentary project by Seán Kelly that will document the history of the Derrygreenagh bogs and the changes that are ahead.

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