Ongoing projects & random bits. Not updated as regularly as it should be!
A lot has happened since I last updated this. I graduated with a First Class Honours BA (Hons) in Photography, we had our graduate exhibition "It's All Downhill From Here" - as well as installing and exhibiting my work, I also sat on the organising committee and designed and ran our social media campaign. My graduate work got longlisted for the RDS Visual Art Awards 2023 and subsequently shortlisted amongst 26 other artists. I also got elected as President of IADTSU, so I'm still haunting IADT for another year at least!
Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, Autumn 2023
Finally submitted my thesis and starting to narrow down final images for the grad show!  March 2023
Continuing to shoot for my grad project, got stuck in the bog taking these, be careful out there! Offaly, February 2023
Starting to get shooting for my graduate project! Offaly and Westmeath, February 2023
Rhode at Christmas in the fog, I love home. Rhode, Co. Offaly, 12/Dec/22
Rhode on GAA County Final Sunday, Rhode, Co.Offaly, 25/Sep/22
Burano is a lovely little island, isn't it?
Burano, Venice, Italy, 6/Sep/22
Venice is spectacular.
Venice, Italy, 6/Sep/22
Jesolo Grape and Wine Festival is as fun as I remembered it, a joy to witness this tradition again!
Lido Di Jesolo, Venice, Italy, 4/Sep/22
The Fleadh was class, mup Mullingar! It was absolutely mad to see so many people in town.
Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, 6/Aug/22
Finally made it up to the massive PhotoIreland exhibition in Dublin Castle and the scale is insane, soooo much incredible Irish work! Bonus food photo included.
Dublin City, Co. Dublin, 25/Jul/22

Got to shoot some of my favorite bands ever and I'm delighted with how the photos came out, got a lil funky with the editing. The rain was mad.
Mullingar, Co. Westmeath,  30/Apr/22
Completed my second photobook & concluded year 3 of my degree with an installation of the newest iteration of the Derrygreenagh project!
Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin,  27/Apr/22
The new National Photography Collection at the GOP is stunning, so many of my favorite Irish works in the one place!
Temple Bar, Co. Dublin, 23/Feb/22
Ongoing documentary work on Bord na Móna and the new Grand Canal Greenway
Clonbollogue, Co. Offaly, 13/Feb/22
Some awful disposable 35mm snapshots of London around Christmas
London, England, 18/Dec/21
Assorted phone photos
Dublin City, Co. Dublin, 2/Dec/21
Completed multimedia install of the first project of Third Year in the IADT Photography Corridor. The headphones got stolen, glad I didn't leave the tablet there!
Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, 25/Nov/21
Trying to get acquainted with the studio in IADT again. Many thanks to Kacper for modelling and to Scott for assisting and for the use of his 6D, I'll never forget to charge my camera again, I promise! 
Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, 1/Oct/21
Dublin, I have returned. Third Year of my BA begins. Shankill, & Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, 16/Sep/21
A sunset walk in Rhode before departing for Dublin for college to resume. First time using Kodak Gold and it's pretty beautiful.
Rhode, Co. Offaly, 7/Sep/21
A hike (exaggerating) up Croghan Hill with friends, end of summer. Croghan, Co. Offaly, 29/Aug/21
Some fujicolor scans from various visits to Shanganagh Park and Shankill Beach at the start of the college year. 
Shankill, Co. Dublin, 19/Apr/21
Just got these scans back from an afternoon in the Liberties last September.  Dublin City,  Co. Dublin, 19/Apr/21
Lockdown walks on fujicolor from some point last year. Rhode, Co. Offaly, 19/Apr/21
Spring has finally arrived in  April! Got these scans back from a roll of fujicolor, so vibrant! Rhode, Co. Offaly,  6/Apr/21
It snowed last night. I love the feeling of walking on snow, the sound is satisfying. Rhode Co. Offaly.  7/Jan/21
Midday Light. I upgraded to a new Nikon D7500 the other day, these are some of the first images from it. Lockdown 3. 
Rhode, Co. Offaly 5/Jan/21
Home for Lockdown 2 this week. Rhode, Co. Offaly 26/Oct/20
Lockdown 2 is looming, took one last walk around Shankill. The sea was rough and fun to watch. Shankill, Co. Dublin 20/Oct/20
Shot some night photos for a college project. Shankill, Co. Dublin 1/Oct/20
Got some HP5 Plus back from Gunn's that I shot during the first day back in college. It turned out well. 
Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin 22/Sep/20
Went for a walk in Shanganagh Park tonight. Spooky vibes. Shankill, Co. Dublin 21/Sep/20
A stroll around town for the first time in months. Things have changed a lot up here, It's quiet. Mup the Grandfathers against racism.
 Dublin City, Co. Dublin 15/Sep/20
An evening in the skatepark with the lads Mullingar, Co Westmeath 12/Sep/20
Skating &  KFC 80 piece buckets. Athlone, Co. Westmeath  30/Aug/20
Had a dip in the lake. Mullingar, Co. Westmeath  7/Aug/20
A hike up Bray Head with my parents. Point and shoot, 35mm.  Bray, Co. Wicklow 25/Jul/20
A standard summer skating session.  Something funky going on with this roll. Mullingar, Co. Westmeath 19/Jul/20
This roll turned out really well. Mullingar, Co. Westmeath 12/Jul/20
Bought some gels and they're very fun to use. Rhode, Co. Offaly 5/Jul/20
Some film shots from walks over lockdown. Rhode, Co. Offaly April/May 2020
Gone fishing on 35mm. Rhode, Co Offaly 27/May/20
IADT on Porta 400. I can't focus oops. Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, February 2020.
A stroll around town, shot on Portra 400. Dublin City, Co. Dublin 4/Feb/20
I'm getting a bit better with film. Dublin City, Co. Dublin 17/Oct/19
Some quick phone snaps from around Dublin. Second week of college. Dublin City, Co. Dublin September 2019.
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